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Avoiding Duplicate Content In Web Design

Duplicate content has long been an issue for businesses marketing online, and as search engines update their algorithms and use increasingly sophisticated processes, it is important for your web design to feature fresh, unique content. Google and other search engines are constantly refining the way they identify sites that have low value duplicate content, in […]

Reasons Google Loves WordPress Blogs

wordpress and seo

Google and other search engines can easily read blogs made in WordPress. This works to your SEO advantage! These days, you are more likely to find websites that are based on a WordPress platform than any other, and there are many good reasons for that. Not only are they user friendly, but search engines (especially […]

Is Your Site’s Web Design Too Busy?

web design and seo

Websites are a lot like fashion; trends come and go but in the end classic and simple designs always win out. If you’re old enough to have used the Internet back in its infancy, you might remember how the majority of websites looked: not a lot of bells and whistles but often a variety of […]